Friday, March 15, 2013

More pages

Although I’m not great at updating this blog I have been scrapping. One of the great things about being apart of a creative team is it pushes me to scrap and inspires me to try new things. Here are my latest creations.pooh-bear remember-this-moment March2013-ShantellOne of the things I’m trying new this year is scrapping in a project life style. I’ve decided to scrap my entire 2011 trip to Disneyland like this in hopes I get this trip done. So far I’m enjoying it but find that it’s not necessarily quicker then the other way of scrapping. I tend to re-create things to my liking and add lots of goodies. If I’d just stick to the already done things I think this would go quicker. But guess what, I’m not in race so I’ll just keep re-creating and adding lots of goodies. projectmousebundle2-Shantellprojectmousebundle2-Shantell2projectmouse-shantellprojectmousebundle3_shantell I’m also scrapping our everyday life in project life but I’ll be posting those pages on our family blog. Jump over there if you’d like to see those pages. They are pretty cute :)

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